Zebra Printers for Rent

Rent from the experts in Zebra and Motorola scanners or printers

Barcode Rental is the #1 provider of rental scanners and barcode printers including the popular Motorola MC9190 scanner and Zebra QL420 label printer. Our Motorola and Zebra scanners are pre-licensed with terminal emulation software for an affordable and easy-to-add-on scanner to your warehouse or retail store needing VT100, VT220, or 5250 emulation. Other software options include a remote desktop session, using one of our apps, or you may load your own app.

Zebra mobile label printers for rent are a great way to complete your experience by printing labels on demand at the point they are needed. We provide a full range of labels even in multiple colors to make it easy to highlight this year’s inventory tags.

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Zebra QLn420

  • 4.4″ Max Print Width
  • Ideal for Printing 4″x 6″ Labels on Demand
  • Labels Sold Separately

Zebra ZQ630

  • 4.4″ Max Print Width
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • Labels Sold Separately

Zebra QL420+

  • Wi-Fi for Network Printing
  • 4.4″ Max Print Width
  • Ideal for Printing 4″x 6″ Labels on Demand
  • CPCL, EPL™ and ZPL® programming languages
  • Labels Sold Separately

Zebra RW420

  • Prints Labels or Receipts
  • Slimmer than QLn420
  • Labels Paper Sold Separately

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You don't have to buy expensive barcode equipment or software to get what you need. We can provide a completely custom solution for your business and send the equipment to your business ready to go.

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