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Inventory Management Systems for Vehicles

Warehousing, Manufacturing and Distribution need ruggedized Fork-lift mounted computers that will meet the harsh needs of Fork-lift Trucks. Due to the bumpy and jarring experience of this type of vehicle, electronics don’t last long unless they are built for this type of abuse. Users expect operational equipment at all times. Experiencing downtime at any stage in your supply chain can be a huge problem. Your operators need to keep the products moving to continue satisfying demands.

With rugged vehicle mounted computers, you can minimize or even get rid of the lag time during data entry while keeping your employees connected during the transportation of products through your factory processes.

At MSS Software, we supply and service the best vehicle mounted computers and barcode scanners for warehouse distribution, shipping services and inventory control. Many of the Zebra and Honeywell models available today have panels that can be replaced in the field so parts can be swapped out or installed quickly. Some also have flexible docking stations as well so that they can be switched over to another forklift easily.

These are some of the top vehicle-mounted data entry computers.

VC8300 Vehicle Mount Computer

The VC8300 from Zebra is a vehicle-mounted computer based on the Android platform. Its rugged construction is ideal for warehouse use and even for freezer-condensing environments.

The device has a touchscreen and keyboard that are both integrated into one housing, providing users with a compact design that can be installed easily on any warehouse vehicle. It is also simple to replace, with no cables or separate keyboards needed.

With the VC8300, you get Ivanti Velocity pre-loaded and pre-licensed already. This means that as soon as you receive the device, you can start running the apps you need out of the box.

Furthermore, the key-based apps can be changed to interactive touchscreens using its All-Touch Terminal Emulation (ATTE) feature. This is a pre-loaded Mobility DNA program that is unique only to Zebra vehicle-mounted computers.

The VC8300 is used for:

  • Cross-dock
  • Packing
  • Picking
  • Shipping
  • Receiving
  • Replenishment
  • Work-in-Process
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VC80 Series Vehicle Mount Computers

The VC80 Series of vehicle mount computers offered by Zebra allows material handling operators to gain access to their desktop applications on the move. The VC80x model uses Android operating systems while the VC80 functions on Windows.

The excellent and rugged design of the VC830 Series vehicle mount computers are designed for harsh indoor and outdoor needs — from seaports to distribution centers, airports, and more.

You can also expect fast wireless connectivity with the VC80 Series to keep your employees connected to business data and operations. The compact design of this model and flexible mounting installation allows for placement on almost any warehouse vehicle.

Additionally, you have amazing brightness options with the VC80 Series ranging from 400 NITs for indoor use to as high as 1,000 NITs for easy viewing outdoors.

The VC80 Series is ideal for use in:

  • Asset tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Receiving
  • Warehouse management

VC70N0 Vehicle Mount Computer

The VC70N0 model offered by Zebra provides users with the right design they need for the material handling operations. Enterprises in industries such as manufacturing, transportation, and warehouse management can leverage the features offered by the VC70N0.

Despite its compact design, the device provides sufficient visibility by possessing a high-resolution display, so information operators have all of the data they need for task accuracy and better productivity.

The VC70N0 supports traditional Telnet to modern browser-based applications. You can also choose options that are meant to enhance the efficiency of your workforce. Parts such as keyboards, cordless or corded barcode scanners, and an array of voice functionalities are also supported.

You can use the VC70N0 for:

  • Asset tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Picking and putaway
  • Receiving
  • Warehouse management
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VH10/VH10 F Vehicle Mount Computers

If you are looking to provide your workforce with the real-time data they need to complete their jobs accurately and on time, you might be interested in what the VH10 and VH10F vehicle-mounted computers have to offer.

Both devices are ideal for manufacturing, transportation, and warehouse management due to their Narrowband Digital Wireless capability that allows workers to manage inventory seamlessly in outdoor areas.

The VH10 and VH10F support multiple mounting options, so you can install them on almost any warehouse vehicle. The devices also have additional RAM mounts as well as a 10-second quick release mount for more flexibility.

These vehicle-mounted computers can also be installed with additional Zebra cordless or corded scanners so your employees can quickly scan barcodes in the field. If you want to provide your vehicle operators with an easy way for instant voice communications, you can choose to install the push-to-talk microphone add-on.

Finally, you can have the keyboards and touchscreens of your VH10 and VH10F replaced in minutes thanks to the easy field serviceability of these two devices. No need to worry about sending your vehicle-mounted computers to the service depot in case these parts get damaged.

Both devices are great to use for:

  • Asset tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Picking and putaway
  • Receiving
  • Warehouse management

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