Try Before Buying

Test new barcode technology from Honeywell or Zebra before Buying. Earn credits towards the purchase of new barcode scanners and printers.

Testing a new scanner or printer before making a major purchase can be the best way for your business to feel confident about its investment. Our solution is to offer short-term rental periods so you can experience new technology in your hands before investing your capital.

Before Buying New Equipment
1. Test Various Models
2. Select Model
3. Buy from Barcode Rental

When purchasing new technology, you are investing in the future of your company. It is common for our customers to use barcode scanners for at least 5 years so by testing before purchasing you can ensure it has the right features and capabilities for today and tomorrow.

Barcode scanning technology is an evolving industry. The try-before-you-buy approach is especially useful when you are considering newer styles of devices such as wearables, vehicle mount computers, RFID and more.

Test New Technology Before Buying

Barcode scanners are available in many more styles than ever before because of technological innovation.

We can help you evaluate:
Handheld Scanners
Wearable Scanners
Rugged Tablets
Label Printers
and More…


Recently Introduced Models

We are happy to provide any model from the main brands in the barcode industry. Recent additions include:
Zebra MC9400
Zebra WT6300
Zebra TC53
Zebra TC22
Honeywell CT47
Honeywell CW45

Accessories Available

Most devices provided today have a wide variety of accessories available, and we can help you select the right accessories for your application.

simple scanner
Full Scanner

Software for Demos

We are a provider of popular software products such as terminal emulation as well as simple demo apps which we develop. Discuss your project goals with us so we can make a recommendation.

Why Try Before You Buy:

- You are interested in the latest and greatest model but unsure if there is cost justification.
- You are interested in testing new technologies such as wearable computers or RFID.
- You would like to see how a new product would integrate with your current processes.