Terminal Emulation Scanners for Rent

Terminal Emulation Scanners For Business

Terminal Emulation (TE) software is a common way for scanners to communicate in real-time to business applications using a telnet session such as VT100, VT220, 3270 or 5250. We support popular terminal emulation software programs by Wavelink (Ivanti), Stay-Linked, and more. Our customers with an AS/400 host computer can use any of the rental scanners shown below with a terminal emulation software to scan data directly into the business application.

mc9190g front photo

MC9190 & MC9200

The MC9190 & MC9200 are ultra-rugged mobile computers with long-lasting batteries and can scan all common 1D and 2D barcodes.



Powerful Scan Engine reads all common barcodes.Scan engine distance is near and far up to 50 feet! Ideal for inventory scanning

ck3 1 200


A WinMobile computer that contains a full alphanumeric keyboard with a variety of scanner engines (Linear, 2D, and Long Range 2D). It is WiFi and very rugged.



Powerful Scan Engine reads all common barcodes. Swappable batteries. Alphanumeric Keypad. Ideal for inventory scanning

Need Help Scanning Barcodes? 

You don't have to buy expensive barcode equipment or software to get what you need. We can provide a completely custom solution for your business and send the equipment to your business ready to go.

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