Scan Barcodes to Excel

Scanning barcodes into Excel spreadsheets doesn’t have to be difficult. Barcodes can be scanned in directly with mobile barcode scanners. With mobile inventory barcode scanners, you can collect and store several fields of data into records and then transfer these records directly into an Excel inventory system.

Scan Barcodes into Excel on PC

Attach a scanner to the PC and scan barcodes directly into Excel or Google Sheets on the PC.

Here’s an example of the barcode scans collected into a spreadsheet.

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Scan to Excel on a Mobile Scanner

Open an Excel spreadsheet on the Mobile Scanner and scan directly into the mobile spreadsheet. Each scan goes into a cell on the spreadsheet.

Collect data on Scanner and then Convert to Excel

Using a conversion utility program or other methods, data collected by the scanner is transferred to the PC, and then converted into an Excel spreadsheet. See example below:

collect data on scanner and convert to excel
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Inventory scanners, printers, and maintenance can cost tens of thousands of dollars only to sit in a box most of the year. Consider renting instead of buying. You could save a bundle.

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Wireless, Batch, Bluetooth and TE Inventory scanner guns, attendance tracking scanners, trade show scanners, 1D, 2D, QR code, Short and Long Range scanners and all the software you need to run them. You name it, we got it.undle.

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Our support team is here to help with training, trouble-shooting and ensuring you are operational in no time. Fast shipping and easy returns makes renting or buying from us hassle-free..

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