Trade Show Badge Scanner Rentals

Rent Badge Scanners For Your Next Event!

We have a variety of barcode scanner rentals that can be used for scanning badges at events, shows and conventions. We rent trade show scanners for use with computers or devices such as Win CE, IOS, Android and smart phones.

Ready to Go Right Out of the Box

Our trade show scanner rentals are ready to go right out of the box. We will assist you in choosing the right barcode scanner model for you needs and budget. MSS Software offers:

  • On-time deliveries
  • Complete setups
  • Economical pricing

These scanners are available for rent or purchase. They allow exhibitors to scan badges and collect leads, which can then be downloaded onto a computer. All barcode equipment come with extra batteries, download cables, docks, chargers and complete instructions on how to use them. Communications software is also available if needed. Uploaded data is in standard comma delimited file format, .csv file format or .txt files–you decide.

Lead Retrieval Scanners

Trade Show Scanners that are used to collect leads by exhibitors at shows are commonly called Lead Retrieval Scanners. It is important that you pick the correct scanner based on the type of barcode you are using on your badge. Please see information below regarding 1D vs 2D barcodes.

On-time Deliveries

Your trade show scanners will arrive to you on-time and without hassle. You never have to wait.


Our trade show scanners rent for only $100 per week for Win Mobile type readers and less for Barcode Scanners. We also provide accessories such as batteries, battery chargers, communication cables and docks at no extra charge.


Programming Services

If you need a standard lead retrieval program, we have it. If you need something a little more custom or special then we can program it quickly. We’ve written literally thousands of barcode reader programs, so we know what most people are looking for.

Note to Exhibitors

1D vs 2D Barcodes

An important thing to know before you decide to rent a scanner/reader is what kind of barcode your trade show will be using on their badges. This is important because it helps us find the best scanner for your needs. 1D barcoded badges usually contain a combination of numbers and letters that relates to a database records which contains all the information of that person (for example, ABC123). It is similar to a license plate which has numbers and letters on it and has no meaning in and of itself, except when the license number is used to look up your information in your database record. This type of barcode would have no value for someone that has no access to the database record and would be meaningless.
On the other hand, a 2D barcode can contain the complete database record and when it is scanned it is like being connected to that database record. This kind of badge can be useful to exhibitors because they can scan the barcode and capture the full name, address, email, phone, etc. into the barcode reader and then transfer this data into a spreadsheet for later mailings and other marketing activities. The following images are examples of the different barcodes.

1D Barcode
1D Barcode
2D Barcode
2D Barcode

You don’t have to buy expensive
barcode equipment to get what you need,


Our rentals are compatible with every major brand of barcode reader and barcode scanner.