Rent Batch Barcode Readers for Retail & Warehouse Operations

These barcode scanners are typically used in Retail or small warehouse operations where WiFi is not available. While many of our WinMobile computers can function as a batch device, we also carry an assortment of batch barcode readers that do not have WiFi or work extremely well as batch barcode devices. Most contain a limited to full A/N keypad, limited to large memory capacities, and laser or linear imagers.

CIPHERLAB 8500 200


Very Rugged with limited A/N keypad and linear CCD or Laser Scanner. Long lasting battery power & memory.

cipherlab 8400 200


Rugged with A/N keypad and Laser Scanner. Has long lasting battery power and large memory capacity.

cipherlab 8000 200


Very small phone sized with limited A/N keypad, with linear or CCD imager. Laser is also available. Uses AAA batteries.

cipherlab 8600 200


Comes with 2D QR code scanner. Has easy to use keyboard and color display. Optional pistol grips.

neo 1 200


Small full A/N keypad WinCE 5.0 mobile computer with 1D linear imager. WiFi and Bluetooth ready.

ck31 2 200


A rugged WinCE mobile device that contains a full A/N keyboard with a variety of scanner engines.

Need Help Scanning Barcodes? 

You don't have to buy expensive barcode equipment or software to get what you need. We can provide a completely custom solution for your business and send the equipment to your business ready to go.

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