Physical Inventory Counting

Inventory Scanner Rentals – Scan – Count – Report

Physical Inventory Scanning

Physical inventory counting is an essential function for all business types and sizes. Doing a physical inventory count with barcode scanners is a fast and accurate way to complete the process. We make counting inventory easy be providing scanners ready to count, and we offer an optional easy to use software for counting inventory and comparing to reports. Call or email us to request a demo or a quote.


We offer multiple physical inventory control solutions that can be rented for short or extended periods of time so that capital expenditures are kept to a minimum. Our counting solutions allow you to rent smart barcode inventory scanners that are delivered ready to use with minimal expense. These inventory scanners are able to be used immediately with little or no training necessary and are available for small businesses needing a single scanner or large businesses needing hundreds of scanners shipped to multiple locations.


Zone Count

Our scanners also support conducting a zone unit count so areas may be counted a second time for extra accuracy. The zone count process allows you to compare your original item count to a zone count to be gain extra accuracy. Many of our customers have worked with 3rd party companies such as RGIS in the past and now prefer to take a DIY approach to counting their inventory which includes doing the zone count.

Retail Inventory Counting

Our retail customers use many different point of sales systems including Lightspeed POS, Heartland POS, PC America POS. Our scanners are used to quickly and accurately count inventory in the store then update the POS system. Our advisors can help you plan the inventory process so this year’s audit will be fast and efficient.


Inventory Audits

Inventory audits are a common practice across countless industries that requires precision for accurate and reliable results. Our wide range of inventory scanners offers a flexible design for any level of usage, as well as flexible software capabilities to support any kind of business. This makes annual cycle counting easy and efficient. With our rental program, we supply reliable inventory software and rugged barcode scanners that won’t break down under heavy usage.


Inventory Audit Solutions

  • Ready to Work Upon Delivery
  • Quick Discrepancy Reporting
  • Scalable for a Single or Multiple Sites
  • Customizable

Smart Count

Using third-party service providers is costly and inefficient compared with our economical solutions. You can achieve superb inventory counts with less cost, downtime and disruption using our self-scanning technology. Our Smart Count solutions offer a physical inventory management program that delivers reliable real-timeinventory visibility. With Smart Count you can achieve accurate costs, reduce inefficiencies and simplify your inventories.


Our inventory software along with our inventory scanners provides reliable inventory counts and the tools to generate audit reports to quickly locate discrepancies. These inventory solutions are a great option for businesses of any size. From giant warehouses to petite retail shops, we can provide the best inventory scanner guns for your inventory needs. Whether you are looking to rent inventory scanners or purchase scanners, we can support and guide you each step of the way.