Honeywell CK65 Barcode Scanner

Honeywell CK65 Barcode Scanner

Honeywell CK65 Barcode Scanner

Honeywell CK65 Barcode Scanner

Honeywell CK65 Barcode Scanner

Honeywell CK65 Barcode Scanner

Honeywell CK65 Barcode Scanner

The CK65 mobile is a go-to product because of its ultra long battery life, rugged design and versatility. Several versions of the CK65 are in stock as well as many accessories.


  • Standard Range scan engine (up to 18” range) or Long Range Scan Engine (up to 50 feet)
  • With or without pistol grip
  • Several versions of the Android operating system are available
  • Provisioning services available such as having your Wi-Fi pre-programmed

Applications Included:

  • EZ Cloud Counting by MSS Software

  • StayLinked TE Software

  • Basic TE Software (ITE for Android)

  • Launcher for whitelisting certain applications (and block unwanted apps to minimize distractions)


The CK65 has many accessories available to provide a better overall solution for your business.  Many of these accessories are included in the rental purchase.  Ask your rental support specialist for a quote which details how many of each are included and whether you will need extra accessories. 

CK65 Batteries

Spare Batteries

Easy to remove and install without having to restart the device. The batteries are rated for up to 28 hours of continual use. Actual duration will vary depending on Wi-Fi usage, screen timeout settings, and volume of scanning

Quad Charger

Quad Battery Chargers

This accessory makes it easy to charge up to four batteries at once.

Pistol Grip

Pistol Grips / Scan Handles

The CK65 comes standard with a hand strap for a slim design. The pistol grip / scan handle accessory is ideal for repetitive scanning. It can be added to any CK65 by the simple turn of a screw.

Ethernet Cradle

Ethernet Cradles

When wi-fi is not available, the single slot dock with Ethernet cradle is a great option to download/upload your data


How long does the battery last?

The battery is rated for 28 hours.  Several settings affect the battery’s endurance including the Wi-Fi useage, scanning frequency, and screen timeout settings.

How do I adjust the display timeout settings?

Go to the Settings app, Display.  Choose the timeout setting that appeals to you such as 10 minutes.  

What is the Scan Range?

Refer to the Depth of Field Chart for specific range. The file is located in the section Manuals.

How do I connect to Wi-Fi?

Go to the Settings App. Choose Network. See video for a tutorial.

How do I program the scanner to automatically press ENTER after a scan?