Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software

Inspect fire extinguishers and other safety equipment rapidly using our Barcode/RFID tag scanners. Update the inspection database system with inspection data and be alerted to timely inspection intervals. Simple to use but highly efficient in collecting and maintaining accurate data for all your inspections.

Easily Manage Your Fire Extinguisher Inventory With Scanners

✓ Scan and Track Inspections
✓ Use accurate Mobile Barcode Inspection Scanners
✓ Track by Location, Inspector, Date, etc.
✓ Print Barcoded Asset Labels with System
✓ Do Audit Inventories

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Fire Extinguisher Barcode Scanners
Inspector, our Inspection Software and Hardware Kit, allows you to perform inspections on equipment such as fire extinguishers, operating equipment, and just about anything that you need to inspect to make sure it is safe, operable and up to code. It’s a complete kit that includes a mobile barcode reader and software that is Excel-based and easy to use. You can track location, equipment type, serial numbers, asset conditions and the date and time of the inspection. Because it uses barcode labels and barcode readers to do the inspections, you can be sure that your inspections are accurate and timely.

  • Save Time – Increase Accuracy
  • Simple Easy to do Inspections
  • Upload to an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Automate Inspections – Reduce Errors
  • Provide Proof of Compliance

Inspection Reports

Print out daily, weekly, monthly reports detailing fire extinguishers that require inspections. Data can be printed out or downloaded to mobile devices to be used for alerting inspectors of assets needed for inspection. There are several reports that can be generated from the system to not only show what needs to be inspected but what has been inspected and the results. Inspection reports can be filtered by Site/Location, Inspector, and other criteria so that report data is easily read. All report can also be exported into Excel for use with other programs.

Mobile Inspection Computers

Mobile scanning devices are easy to use for performing inspections on safety equipment. Just select the site/location and the list of assets to be inspected automatically appear. Perform the inspection and condition of the asset and save the transactions for later upload to the database. These mobile devices are rugged and can be used to scan asset ID’s using barcode or HD RFID technology.

Barcode Label Printing

Barcode ID labels can be generated from the software using the optional barcode label printer. This makes it easy to tag new assets as well as to make replacement labels.

Inventory Audits

Inspector allows the user to conduct annual inventory audits of all your assets and to produce reports of assets found and not found. Using the mobile barcode devices, you are able to scan the asset id’s (barcode or RFID) so that all assets can be accounted for. The software system will report all items and discrepancies, making it easy to determine if an asset is not where it is supposed to be or is missing.

Add Assets

The system allows you to easily add assets online but also provides a simple way to do this using the mobile device. When adding assets, you can “freeze” certain fields of data for common items so that you don’t have to continually enter the same data over and over. Usually, the variable fields of Asset # and Serial #’s are the only fields that need to be entered. This make it easy to add assets using a mobile device.

Mobile Fire Barcode Extinguisher Software

We rent barcode scanners and readers for inventories and events. is your one stop source for barcode devices, the software you need and the support to set it up perfectly.

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