CipherLab 8200

The CipherLab 8200 series incorporates all of the best data capture tools, whether it is a laser reader for outdoor use, a linear imager for short-distance scanning, or a 2D imager for 2D barcodes. This mobile computer allows you to get more work done at a faster pace due to their versatile design that supports all needs for all businesses. 

8200 Features

  • Batch
  • Choice of linear imager, laser, and 2D imager
  • Easy-to-read backlit LCD screen
  • Numeric keypad
  • Low power consumption
  • Durability tested over multiple 1.2 M drops and IP54
  • Available in 4MB or 8MB

Industry Use

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Warehousing


The CipherLab series has many accessories available to provide a better overall solution for your business.  Many of these accessories are included in the rental purchase.  Ask your rental support specialist for a quote which details how many of each are included and whether you will need extra accessories. 

CipherLab Charge Cradle

Charging and Communication Cradle – Docking cradle

This product can recharge batteries and connect with host for data transmission via RS-232 or USB interface.

Cipherlab 8200 Pistol Grip Accessory

CipherLab Handheld pistol grip handle

Ergonomically designed for shift-long comfort and compact enough to keep with you all day long, the 8200 mobile computer gives you reliable performance and continuous productivity shift after shift.

8200 accessories Case

Protective Case with Clip

Protect your scanners in dusty and wet environments with a protective holster and clip.

CipherLab 4 Slot Battery Charger

4 Slot Battery Charger

The long-lasting battery of the CipherLab 8200 will last all day, but use a space-saving dock to keep your batteries fully prepared for the next day.


How to Reset a CipherLab 8XXX Series Scanner
  1. Turn unit off 
  2. Hold down the 7 + 9 + Power  
  3. After the unit turns back on to Systems Menu, turn back off then on again 
Where to download the CipherLab Utilities

The CipherLab Utilities can be downloaded from the below link under Manuals & Downloads.


Manuals & Downloads