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We stock a variety of rugged mobile computers equipped with the modern Android operating system which gives users a familiar interface. These devices are super versatile and capable of supporting legacy “green screen” type business applications as well as today’s native Android applications or browser based applications.

  • Ready-to-go and custom app development available
  • Telnet client (VT100, VT220, 3270 and 5250 emulation)
  • Load your own software applications
  • Browser-based Web applications

Honeywell CK65

  • Android 11, 10 or 9 Available
  • Standard or Near/Far Scan
  • 28 hour battery
  • Pre-Loaded w/ Stay-Linked TE
  • Custom Applications by MSS Software
  • Also Available for Purchase

Mobile Hotspot Router

  • No Internet? No Problem!
  • Compatible with our Wi-Fi scanners and printers
  • Supports up to 20 devices
  • 14+ Hour Battery

CipherLab RK25

  • Powerful Scan Engine reads all common barcodes
  • Large Touchscreen
  • Numeric Keypad is ideal for frequent quantity entry

Zebra MC3300

  • Powerful Scan Engine reads all common barcodes
  • Scan engine distance is near and far up to 50 feet!
  • Ideal for inventory scanning

Honeywell CT40 & CT45

  • Large 5.0 in Touch screen
  • High Performance Scan Engine
  • Android 10
  • Swappable Batteries
  • Ideal for retail inventory, attendance tracking


Barcode Rental is continually investing in new models.

Contact us if you are seeking something not shown on this page.

Zebra MC9300

  • Android GMS
  • Scan Range: 2 inches to 70 feet
  • 53 Key Alphanumeric
  • TE Software Pre-Licensed

Zebra TC20 & TC21

  • Powerful Scan Engine reads all common barcodes
  • Large Touchscreen
  • Ideal for attendance tracking, ticketing, and inventory

You don’t have to buy expensive
barcode equipment to get what you need,


Our rentals are compatible with every major brand of barcode reader and barcode scanner.